Arthur Esch



First Digital Television Network -- with NBC and IBM

First Broadband Network -- with Chicago Tribune

First Computer Generated Televison -- with BT

First Transaction Processing System

First Wholesale Software Licenses

First Desktop News

First Technology Counsel

Florida Accelerator Merges with the Institute for Entrepreneurs

Rio Chico Estate

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

The popular business press just found '5G' and are spending lots of ink and television time talking about the impact of 5G.

Most of these pundits are missing an issue of importance -- the real power of 5G is not more speed to smartphones.

This new era of wireless communications is empowering companies to reach all kinds of devices.   Both B2B and B2C companies need to have their products connected to the net.

The 5G standard is also enabling the use of new services, such as assisted driving, remote medical exams, reports from building products, and connecting all forms of computing devices as if they were attached to fiber.

The 5G standard is different from previous wireless approaches in the use of spectrum space that lends itself to very rapid connections, more speed, and a lot more capacity.  Cells will be smaller in range and less expensive to deploy. 
Arthur Esch wrote the definitive US patents for the delivery of targeted multimedia.  Arthur was a team member and marketing advisor on the launch of the first digital television network with NBC and IBM.  Today he assists entrepreneurs with their digital marketing needs.  

Inventive Living

Arthur was based in Ocho Rios for twenty years -- his primary residence, Rio Chico, was located on a peninsula outside the village.  The property was used for movie, television, and magazine shoots. 


The Rio Chico experience launched a lifetime study of 'Inventive Living' -- the pursuit of integrating family, business, and fun. 

Paul Budde Budde Communications Sydney and Arthur Esch
Grandchildren: Blake-Arthur. Elle, Governor, KT, Princess and Arthur Esch
The Institute for Entrepreneurs has merged with Florida Accelerator, bringing top educators and mentors together to assist small businesses.  
Mayor and Head of St. Lucie Schools with Scholarship Winners
Judges from BofA and Venture Capitalists
ITS Fiber, a Florida Accelerator Member, wins the $25,000 first prize.
Jeff Leslie, wins $25,000
The Institute for Entrepreneurs is a 501(c)3 providing education and mentoring to small and medium sized businesses.  
Jeff Leslie/Skip Lange/Arthur Esch
Arthur Esch working with design studio executives from Sloane Ranger -- part of the Florida Accelerator initiative.
A Long Career
700 Professional Keynotes in 25 Countries -- always delivered in "American", not "English".